Strategic cooperation between the company and Tsinghua University (School of materials) was officially signed
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      On the morning of September 12, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University (School of materials) was held in the conference hall of Chenming international hotel. In order to further expand the production scale, improve the quality of high-end products and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Shandong Molong and Tsinghua University (School of materials) reached an agreement on the technical consultation of the project "technical research on the application of high-end equipment in the field of Hismelt high-purity pig iron". The two sides will conduct research and development on oil well pipe materials and new materials for casting and forging products, "Shandong Molong Tsinghua University materials" The Institute has carried out comprehensive and effective cooperation in the construction of "production, teaching and research base", the introduction of postdoctoral workstation talents (teachers), and the technical training of the company's technical personnel and front-line core personnel. At the same time, in order to close cooperation, implement cooperation matters and ensure the smooth progress of scientific research, Shandong Molong will establish regular communication and daily work contact mechanism with Tsinghua University (School of materials), and effectively promote the implementation of the strategic agreement.

      Shandong Molong acquired Hismelt non blast furnace ironmaking technology in 2012, and established smelting reduction business division to develop and promote targeted technologies, processes and products. At present, the production of Hismelt high-purity pig iron is implemented by Shouguang Maolong new material technology development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group. Some products have been applied in nuclear power, wind power, high-end casting and other fields.

      At the signing ceremony, Mr. Liu Yunlong, chairman of Shandong Molong, and Mr. Zhang Chi, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Tsinghua University School of materials signed the cooperation agreement respectively. Deputy Secretary of Shouguang municipal Party committee, Mayor Zhao Xuchun, deputy mayor Liu yingyou, vice president of the Institute of materials science and engineering of Tsinghua University, special Professor Zhang Zhengjun of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of education, vice president of the school of materials of Tsinghua University Zhu Hongwei, Secretary of the Party committee of Shangkou Town Wang fashun, executive vice president of Shandong Molong, etc. attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Publisher:Information manager   Date:2019-8-19